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Specialty Veterinary Services in Watsontown

Offering State-of-the-Art Treatments for Pennsylvania’s Pets

At Animal Emergency Center, we provide a number of specialty veterinary services, including surgery, treatment of infectious diseases, and more in the Central Pennsylvania area.

Our specialty services are reserved specifically for those instances when your regular veterinarian is unavailable. If your pet needs emergency care on a weeknight, weekend, or holiday, we’re here to give them the treatment they deserve and the peace of mind you need.

To inquire further about our specialty services for pets, contact us or call us at (570) 399-0403.

A Wide Variety of Services for All Your Animal’s Needs

As fellow pet owners and lovers ourselves, our staff of doctors and technicians understand how important your pet’s health is to you and your family. We’re determined to provide professional and compassionate care for your pet during those times when your regular vet is unavailable. Our patients are always treated with love and we make a point to personally talk with their owners, offering updates, advice, and consolation depending on what the situation calls for.

Our specialty veterinary services include:

  • Soft-Tissue Surgery: We have the capability to perform a wide variety of emergency surgeries, including gastrointestinal foreign body removal, cystotomy (removal of bladder stones), splenectomy (removal of the spleen), cesarean sections, and more.
  • Blood/Plasma Transfusion: Procedures that involve giving blood intravenously to replace lost blood, either during surgery or as a result of a serious injury.
  • Isolation Unit: A separate unit that helps our doctors provide high-quality care to infectious patients while minimizing exposure risks to other patients.
  • Endoscopy: A tool used for foreign body removal and biopsies.

If you think your animal requires an immediate specialty service, call us at (570) 399-0403 or contact us online now.

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When An Emergency Happens
  • Tender Loving Care

    We understand that no one wants to come to an emergency veterinarian, our highly trained staff is here with a compassionate heart to care for you and your pet.

  • Handling Emergencies Big and Small

    Whether you have a life-threating emergency on your hands or just don't want until Monday to see your regular vet, we're here to serve you and your pet.

  • Two Decades of Caring

    We have been a staple in this community for twenty years, put your loved one's paws in our experienced hands.

  • Here When Your Veterinarian Can't Be

    We are proud to serve our community by being open on nights, weekends, and all major holidays.

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  • “Gentle Humor, Kindness and Frankness was Comforting”

    - Denise S.
  • “As soon as I got there around 5 am I was greeted by a friendly staff member. They were able to make sure my baby was okay and helped her feel better by giving her some pain meds.”

    - Halie S.
  • “Tia and Kayla provided phenomenal service in reassuring me everything would be okay through the entire process.”

    - Lacie F.