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  • Gentle Humor, Kindness and Frankness was Comforting

    Dr. Haas was absolutely wonderful; his caring and compassion for not only our sick dog but also for our family was something we will never forget. We brought our beautiful dog in on Thanksgiving night for emergency care and they were quick to give her pain medication and get her as comfortable as possible. Dr. Haas spent a great deal of time with us helping us accept that it was time to say goodbye. He then brought her in to us where we spent almost 2 hours with her, he waited until we were ready. His gentle humor, kindness and frankness was comforting on one of the worst nights of our lives.

    - Denise S.

  • So Grateful for This Place
    Thank you thank you for taking such good care of my dog this morning. My dog went missing yesterday morning and didn’t come back home until 11pm. She came home with some pretty bad cuts on her face and a sore body. I called here around 4 am when I felt like she was having a hard time breathing and the woman on the phone suggested I didn’t wait to come in so I headed out. As soon as I got there around 5 am I was greeted by a friendly staff member. They were able to make sure my baby was okay and helped her feel better by giving her some pain meds. The vet was even able to save me almost $300 by going a different route with fixing her cuts. So grateful for this place. Thank you thank you!

    - Halie S.

  • Always Kept a Positive Attitude!

    The staff was amazing delivering news about our sweet fur baby and taking care of him. They provided their best care to help nurse my sweet boy back to health and always kept a positive attitude!! Tia and Kayla provided phenomenal service in reassuring me everything would be okay through the entire process. Kayla went the extra mile during her time off to help me understand what was happening and even took the time to transport him to our regular vet when his time was up at the emergency center.

    Grayson says thank you so much for taking care of me

    - Lacie F.

  • Staff Was Friendly and Helpful

    We were sent there from our regular vet for more testing, not knowing what to expect. From the moment we walked in the door, the staff were friendly and helpful. We did have to wait a bit, but that was expected for an emergency place. Our dog Trapper was seen by one of the best vets we've ever dealt with. He answered our questions, explained things to us, and overall made us feel comfortable. When he gave us the not so good news, he was gentle about it and tried his best to comfort us. Thank you Dr. Stanton for everything, even though we didn't get the news we wanted. We will get to spend the remaining days we have with him, loving him and spoiling him!

    - Missy R.

  • Doctors Were So Comforting and Compassionate
    A while back, our family had to put down our dear 17-year-old black cat named Jet. Jet was all of about 6 lbs and was loved by everyone who met him throughout his long life. Jet suddenly became very sick late at night and the doctors here diagnosed him with kidney failure, common for geriatric cats. When it came time to make the decision, the doctors were so comforting and compassionate. These emergency vets see animals in terrible situations every day but they still realize that this is a deeply emotional and individual basis for the people who bring their beloved pets in. It was a great comfort to know that Jet was well taken care of even in his last moments.

    - Lauren H.

  • We Are Forever Grateful
    Thank you all so much for the wonderful care received when we had to bring our 8 month old cat in unexpectedly last week as a transfer from Companion for a blood transfusion. From the moment we walked in the door it was such a warm welcome in a stressful time. Thank you to every single staff member we came across that night. You are all amazing. Dr. Stanton really put us at ease by explaining everything so thoroughly and was so gentle with our sick animal. And a huge thank you to Journey the cat who donated blood to Selina - we are forever grateful. I would recommend this place to everyone who might be in the unfortunate situation to require emergency care for their animals.

    - Tricia D.

  • Thorough, and Very Compassionate
    They are simply the best! The receptionist, the Care staff and the Veterinarians are not only professional but very compassionate. Dr. Haas was due into work at 8 pm on Sunday night...he arrived at 7 pm. I am so sorry I did not get the name of the Vet. who had to euthanize our girl EllieMae...but she too was thorough, and very compassionate. Ellie had developed an aggressive bone cancer which took her from us in a matter of days. Dr. Haas did the needed tests and though he may seem abrupt to some...he is simply direct and truthful. We had hoped we could have Ellie with us for a few more days but ...alas...she became so pained we had to move the very next day after diagnosis. I held her as she stopped living in this life. When it was over...the lady Vet helped me deal with the snotty tears I was shedding...God bless her. The staff wrapped her and brought her to my car...they gently placed her on her old doggie bed...gave me words of consolation and left me to deal with going I turned and looked up...there was Dr. Haas....he said..."Dude, I have been here many times and I get what your feeling" He then shook my hand warmly and hugged emergency Vet hugged me...and I will never forget it

    - Steve T.

  • The Best Treatment I Could’ve Ever Hoped For
    My pup was in bad shape. He was given the best treatment I could’ve ever hoped for. They made him comfortable, began treatment and transported in the morning. Because of the expert care he received my pup is on the road to recovery! Thanks for all you do!

    - Nancy S.

  • Dr. Haas Was Awesome
    While they were very busy (understandably) and there was a long wait, the wait was worth it. Dr. Haas was awesome. Once in the exam room he had a plan which went very quickly and he explained everything he was doing as he was doing it. The techs were very sweet and accommodating to my dog making sure she felt comfortable while she was in pain from a dog bite. Great staff.

    - Wind D.

  • We Had a Good Experience with the AEC
    Though nobody wants to take their pet to the vet for emergency care, we had a good experience with the AEC. Dr. Haas and the staff were great with our dog and explained everything well. Everyone there had a good attitude as well, I felt confident our little Junebug was in good hands. She was carried in and quite ill and walked out the next morning. Great work guys!

    - Stevie & Jonathan