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At Animal Emergency Center, we care deeply about giving your pet the best care possible. To assist in this mission, we use a variety of advanced veterinary tools to diagnose illnesses, monitor an animal’s disease progression or response to treatment, and screen for the presence of underlying disease in animals that may appear healthy.

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Diagnostic Services You Can Rely On

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with an array of diagnostic tools to efficiently evaluate your pet’s health and determine what kind of treatment or therapy, if any, is required.

We provide the following diagnostics:

  • A complete in-house lab which enables us to perform bloodwork, urinalysis, and cytology.
  • Radiography imaging that allows for internal examination to diagnose fractures, foreign bodies, and other conditions.
  • A CT (computed tomography) Scan, a test that produces multiple images of the inside of the body to view internal organs, soft tissues, blood vessels, and bones.
  • ECG (electrocardiography), a tool that records the electrical and muscular activity of the heart. ECG can be used to check for heart arrhythmias and other abnormalities.
  • Ultrasound, an imaging tool that uses ultrasonic sound waves and echoes to produce an image of a patient’s organs. We use ultrasounds to evaluate soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Fluoroscopy, an imaging technique that uses radiography to obtain images in real-time of the internal structures of a patient, including the skeletal, digestive, and reproductive systems, with an instrument called a fluoroscope.
  • Telemedicine, an option that allows us to send radiographs, ultrasound images, ECG readings, and CT scans to boarded specialists for stat review.

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    Whether you have a life-threating emergency on your hands or just don't want until Monday to see your regular vet, we're here to serve you and your pet.

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    We have been a staple in this community for twenty years, put your loved one's paws in our experienced hands.

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